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Bottled Beer is in our Near Future!

GREAT News…  we just finished loading in our bottling machine.  As of now, we are putting it together and expect to run some trials and make sure everything is working properly.  You never know what may happen, but may have some bottled beer to drink by very early MAY. (maybe even APRIL!)

In the brewhouse, Ryan filtered our second batch of Porter today , and it is tasting great.  That entire batch will go into kegs tomorrow.  The next batch of Porter is going to be brewed next week and will most likely be all bottles!  The third batch of IPA is getting brewed tomorrow.  No change to the recipe, but working on it being a ‘hair’ drier.  The first batch finished a little higher than we want, so a little mash temperature tweek, and it should be spot on.

All this is very exciting.

More later,