Drink Cooper’s Series

Join our voyage and stimulate your palate as we explore new styles with this set of limited edition beers.

Leather Bound Books, Baltic Porter

Mayflower’s Baltic Porter is robust and full bodied yet smooth and enjoyable due to the use of lager yeast and a long conditioning time. The 8% beer pours a deep, rich mahogany with a big frothy head. It has a slightly sweet aroma and taste. Flavor notes include: chocolate, fine tobacco, roasted peanuts, dark fruit, toasty and malt forward, and toffee. 8% ABV.


  • Brewed September 2018
  • Packaged September 2018
  • Limited Qty 40 barrels
  • Color Light Golden
  • ALC/VOL 6%

Dry Dock

Thanksgiving Ale 2018

Thanksgiving Ale is a full-bodied beer brewed with a rich array of barley and rye malts and aged several weeks on toasted oak. Brewed annually in Autumn since 2009, Thanksgiving Ale is an inspired blend of two brewing styles: American Strong Ale and English Old Ale. Aged on American white oak, this brew warms the soul with hints of caramel, vanilla and spicy nuts. The flavors of Thanksgiving Ale pair perfectly with the bountiful variety of foods we feast on throughout this season of harvest.

  • Brewed September 18
  • Packaged October 18
  • ALC/VOL 6.7%

Boomerang is a refreshing pale ale with an unfiltered appearance that pours light golden in color. The beer is built on pilsner, pale, and wheat malts with oats for a pillowy mouthfeel. Boomerang features Galaxy hops in the whirlpool with a healthy dry-hopped dose of Galaxy and Ella. Because Ella is the little sister of Galaxy, these hops compliment each other so that notes of pineapple, lemon, and floral notes dominate, making this beer approachable for your every day drinking.

  • Brewed August 18
  • Packaged September 18
  • ALC/VOL 6
OttoBahn Lager

OttoBahn is a Helles style German lager. Quality Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malts give the beer a very faint sweetness that drifts away quickly. Classic German Tettnang and Hallertau hops compliment with earthy notes. This beer pours a crystal clear golden straw. Dry and refreshing. A classic easy drinking lager for the summer.

  • Brewed June 18
  • Packaged July 18
  • ALC/VOL 5%
Peregrine Witbier

Peregrine is a refreshing Witbier with an inviting cloudy appearance from being an unfiltered offering. Pilsner, Wheat, and Oats provide an aroma of baked bread on this creamy, full bodied brew. The traditional additions of coriander and orange poke through with orange jam and lemon/lime notes. These flavors play off the Sorachi Ace dry hop that provides notes of lemon peel, lemon curd, and lemon grass.

  • Brewed May 17
  • Packaged June 17
  • ALC/VOL 5%

Jimador, an unfiltered agave lager named in honor of Mexican Agave farmers. It is brewed with a traditional Vienna malt base with flaked maize added to the grain bill. The beer has the crisp, dry body that fans of Mexican style lagers will be used to enjoying. But the addition of the flaked maize and a massive amount of agave syrup give this refreshing beer an enjoyable underlying sweetness. A generous dose of New Zealand’s Wakatu hop shines through with its pronounced lime citrus notes, replacing the much reviled lime wedge in your beer.

  • Brewed March 2018
  • Packaged March 2018
  • ALC/VOL 6%

Pale malt provides a solid base for a heavy dose of both Mosaic and Simcoe hops. Because Mosaic is a direct descendant of Simcoe, often called "The Daughter of Simcoe," these aromas compliment and compound each other's intensity. Specific aroma descriptors include pine, tangerine, grass, and passion fruit. Why is it called 398? We're counting up as you count down to the 400th Anniversary of America's Hometown. Limited batches of 398 will be brewed and packaged throughout 2018.

  • Brewed 2018
  • Packaged 2018
  • ALC/VOL 8%
X Imperial Stout

X is our Tenth Anniversary Imperial Stout, a big one for fireside sipping during snowstorms. Notes of toffee, bittersweet chocolate, with a warming finish reminiscent of red wine. Enjoyable now, but also appropriate for long term cellaring.

  • Brewed December 18
  • Packaged 1/19/18
  • ALC/VOL 11%
Alden 2017

A double IPA with Chinook, Citra, and Mosaic hops. Flavors of tropical fruit, pine and citrus dominate.

  • Brewed December 17
  • Packaged 12/20/17
  • ALC/VOL 8%
Bradford - Belgian Tripel

This Belgian-Style Tripel Ale honors William Bradford, founder and long-time governor of Plymouth Colony.  His journal, "Of Plimoth Plantation", is the authoritative account of the pilgrims and the early year of the colony. This golden beer is brewed with Pilsner malt along with a high proportion of sugar, allowing for high alcohol while keeping a light body. A unique Belgian yeast contributes some nice fruit notes, specifically cantaloupe. Well-hidden high alcohol content paired with low hopping rates make this one a candidate that will hold up well with aging.

  • Brewed 2017
  • Packaged 2017
  • ALC/VOL 9%

This Bohemian Pilsner pays tribute to our ancestor Priscilla Mullins. She was one of the few women on board the Mayflower who survived the journey and the harsh first winter. She was later immortalized as the unrequited love of Miles Standish and eventual wife of John Alden in the 1858 poem ‘The Courtship of Miles Standish’ by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

  • Brewed February 2016
  • Packaged April 2016
  • ALC/VOL 6%
Thanksgiving Ale

Mayflower Thanksgiving Ale is a full-bodied beer brewed with a rich array of barley and rye malts and aged several weeks on toasted oak. It’s the perfect beverage for America’s hometown holiday. Brewed annually in Autumn since 2009.

  • Brewed October — ANNUAL
  • Packaged October — ANNUAL
  • ALC/VOL 6.7%
Brown Ale

Mayflower Brown ale is a balanced beer with loads of chocolate and caramel flavors from a variety of specialty malts, along with a smooth and full mouth feel from the addition of oats. Our take on this classic style is a bit hoppier than is traditional with generous amounts of Columbus and Liberty hops, lending some fruity and floral aromas. A perfect sipper for this year’s delayed winter

  • Brewed December 2015
  • Packaged December 2015
  • ALC/VOL 5.7%
Bohemian Pilsner

Mayflower Bohemian Pilsner is a light and crisp lager, brewed entirely with floor malted Bohemian pilsner, a light and bready malt. The wort was generously hopped entirely with Saaz, contributing a crisp bitterness and a spicy slightly floral aroma. The water in Plymouth is very soft, which is imperative when brewing this delicate style. We think you will have a hard time having just one pint of this incredibly refreshing beer.

  • Brewed September 2015
  • Packaged December 2015
  • ALC/VOL 5.7%

Mayflower Hopflower is a new twist on our IPA. A grist of 2-row and Vienna coupled with a cooler than normal fermentation leave a clean canvas for the hops to shine. Loads of Mosaic and Simcoe late in the boil and Citra and Amarillo dry hops lend a brew filled with hop flavor and aromas of tropical fruits and resin. Limited draft only of 20 barrels.

  • Brewed September 2015
  • Packaged October 2015
  • ALC/VOL 6.7
STANDISH — Imperial Stout

Celebrating the history that inspires our brand, this beer pays tribute to Myles Standish, an English military officer who was hired by the Pilgrims as a military adviser for the Colony and played a leading role in the administration and defense of the Colony from its inception.” Standish is an Imperial stout that will warm you from the first crisp nights of autumn through the most frigid days of winter. Brewed with loads of darker malts, the complex profile is dominated by chocolate, roasted flavors, dark fruit, and slight alcohol. An assertive hop profile balances out these sweet malts without being overly bitter. Because of the higher alcohol content of this style, we conditioned Standish for several months to allow any hot alcohol flavors to mellow. Extended aging will continue to smooth and round out these flavors for years to come. This beer is available on draft and in 4 packs.

  • Brewed May 2015
  • Packaged September 2015
  • ALC/VOL 9%

Mayflower Märzen is a lager designed in the tradition of those beers brewed for Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, the world’s largest beer festival running from late September until the first Sunday in October. A malt bill exclusively of German Munich and Vienna malts provide a toasty, slightly sweet and rich flavor balanced by a modest amount of German tettnang hops. This beer fermented slow and cool for two weeks, followed by six weeks of lagering (cold conditioning), producing a very smooth brew perfect for those crisp days of fall. This beer is available on draft only.

  • Brewed August 2015
  • Packaged September 2015
  • ALC/VOL 6.3%

Brewery Release: This beer started out as a Saison we brewed in March of 2014. We filled two red wine barrels with the base beer, in addition to Lactobacillus and three strains of Brettanomyces. Over the course of fifteen months, a subtle tartness and oakiness was picked up in the beer from the wine barrel, in addition to a moderate sourness from the Lactobacillus. The Brettanomyces contributes complex funky flavors and aromas rounding out this interesting brew.

  • Brewed March 2014
  • Packaged August 2015

This classic German style lager is brewed with Munich and Vienna Malts, and hopped exclusively with Tettnang hops. A long and slow fermentation followed by 4 weeks of lagering lend a smooth, malty and slightly sweet brew.

  • Brewed April 2015
  • Packaged May 2015
  • ALC/VOL 6%
SQUANTO — Farmhouse Ale

This Saison pays tribute to Tisquantum (Squanto), a Patuxet who helped the Pilgrims recover from a hard first winter by teaching them native methods of cultivation.

  • Brewed March 2015
  • Packaged April 2015
  • ALC/VOL 6%
ALDEN — Double IPA

Named after the cooper on board the Mayflower, Alden is a double IPA hopped with a hefty dose of aromatic varieties, including Chinook, Citra and Mosaic.

  • Brewed December 2014
  • Packaged January 2015
  • ALC/VOL 8%
Scotch Ale

Mayflower Scotch Ale is our take on this classic strong style of beer. Our version is significantly dryer than many examples of this often cloyingly sweet beer. Brewed with special B, roasted barley, and peat smoked malt, this brew is for the malt lover. Special B adds a sweet, dark fruit flavor which is counteracted by the roasted barley and complimented by a prominent smokiness in the flavor and aroma. Hopped with Galena to about 32 IBUs to balance the hefty malt bill. At 8% ABV, this beer is great on a crisp Autumn night and will age well.

  • Brewed August 2014
  • Packaged September 2014
  • ALC/VOL 8%
Berliner Weisse

Mayflower Beerliner Weisse is an old style of beer that is rarely brewed. The grist consists of 50% pilsner malt and 50% pale wheat malt. A technique known as kettle souring was used, where the souring bacteria lactobacillus was added to the wort. Left over night the bacteria produces lactic acid, giving this beer a tart, sour flavor and aroma. High carbonation combined with a low alcohol content of 3.0% ABV, this is a perfect brew to enjoy on a late summer afternoon.

  • Brewed September 2014
  • Packaged August 2014
  • ALC/VOL 3%
Belgian IPA

Mayflower Belgian IPA combines the spicy character of a Belgian yeast strain with the big, fruity aroma of Azacca, Nugget, and Centennial hops. All the hop additions for this brew are added late in the boil, creating a smooth bitterness along with big hop aroma from a heavy dose of centennial dry hops. All those hops are balanced by Munich and a small amount of Abbey malts.

  • Brewed May 2014
  • Packaged June 2014

Mayflower Saison is brewed with pilsner, munich, and wheat malts and hopped with the traditional Styrian Goldings. The farmhouse yeast used for this beer adds a distinct peppery spiciness. This dry, hoppy, thirst quenching beer is perfect for the days of spring and summer.  6% ABV   

  • Brewed March 2014
  • Packaged April 2014
  • ALC/VOL 6%

Mayflower Pilsner is a single malt, single hop lager using Weyermann floor malted pilsner and Mandarinia hops. This clean and crisp lager cold conditioned for weeks resulting in a very smooth brew. We only sourced enough of this new hop variety to brew a single batch of this beer, so get it while you can!     

  • Brewed March 2014
  • Packaged April 2014
  • ALC/VOL 7%

Mayflower Rye IPA has a large portion of Rye malt, which adds a spicy malt profile. Heavily hopped with Columbus and dry hopped with a newer hop called Azacca, the intense hop flavor and aroma is unmistakable. The finish on the beer is bitter and dry, at 80 IBUs and nearly 8% ABV. This is a keg only beer, which was limited to one run. Only available in Massachusetts.

  • Brewed January 2014
  • Packaged February 2014
  • ALC/VOL 7.7%
Single Hop Ale, Styrian Aurora

Our 1st single hop beer. The malt bill is 100% Golden Promise, a traditional pale malt grown in Scotland. Blurring the lines of an American Pale Ale and and American IPA, this beer is generously hopped with Styrian Aurora hops grown in Slovenia. Moderately bitter and very aromatic, the spiceness of these hops shines through a clean malt profile.

  • Brewed May 2013
  • Packaged June 2013
Scotch Ale

Deep carmel colored ale, brewed with special barley for a sweet malt flavor and balanced with peat moked malt that adds a subtle smokiness. Out version is moderately hoopped with magnum hops to conteract the colying sweetness this style is often noted for.

  • Brewed March 2013
  • Packaged April 2013
  • ALC/VOL 7.8%
5th Year Anniversary Ale — Double IPA

5 varieties of aroma hops. One for each year we had brewed.

  • Brewed December 2012
  • Packaged January 2013
  • ALC/VOL 8.2%
Smoked Black Lager

  • Brewed September 2012
  • Packaged October 2012
Hoppy Wheat Ale

Light wheat brew hopped with Centenial, Liberty, Vangard and Sterling.

  • Brewed July 2013
  • Packaged August 2013
  • ALC/VOL 4.5%

  • Brewed April 2012
  • Packaged May 2012
  • ALC/VOL 7%
Belgian Pale Ale

  • Brewed January 2012
  • Packaged February 2012
  • ALC/VOL 5.3%
Imperial Stout

  • Brewed December 2010
  • Packaged January 2011
Barley Wine

  • Brewed 2010
  • Packaged 2010

CONNECTICUT, we made a beer for you... Introducing HUZZAH, a Double IPA! Pale malt base brewed with Amarillo, Centennial, and Chinook Hops. Golden straw color. Creamy mouthfeel. Bubblegum, resin, and grassy aromas. Dry finish.

  • Brewed 2018
  • Packaged 2018
  • ALC/VOL 8%