Drink Core Brews

Our year-round lineup spans a wide range of styles to suit nearly every palette and are craft-brewed and canned in Plymouth, MA.

  • Crispy Business

    Crispy Business is a crisp, smooth, and dry Kölsch-style ale that pours straw gold in color. Its bready malt profile is well-balanced by traditional German hops that provide mild bittering and a delicate and pleasant aroma of apple and pear. At 4.5% ABV, it's extremely clean and drinkable.

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  • Leisure Mode

    Light, hoppy and hazy, this New England IPA is easy-drinking.

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  • Porter

    Mayflower Porter is a rich, complex brew that is smooth and full-flavored. Five varieties of malted barley provide notes of roasted coffee beans and bittersweet chocolate with a hint of smokiness.

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  • IPA

    Mayflower IPA balances a powerful hop profile with full malt flavor to create a smooth brew with well-rounded bitterness. Four varieties of American hops lend a delightful piney flavor and fruity aroma.

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  • New World

    Mayflower New World American IPA is our latest take on this classic beer style. We use pale barley and wheat grains to create a light malt backbone and add a blend of three resinous hops from the Pacific Northwest to produce bold fruit flavors and aromas with mild bitterness.

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  • Love & Wrestling

    Double Dry Hopped New England Double IPA that pours a hazy straw color with a soft mouthfeel and slight sweetness throughout.

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