Learn FAQs

Where can I buy Mayflower beer?

We currently sell our beer in 6 states: MA, RI, NH, CT, VT and ME.

Do you sell kegs out of your brewery?

Kegs can be ordered and purchased through any retail outlet that sells our beer. We cannot sell kegs to the general public out of the brewery. If you need help ordering a keg through a retailer please email info@mayflowerbrewing.com

What size kegs do you sell?

We have 1/4 bbl and 1/2 bbl kegs of any of our year round and seasonal beers. 1/6 are available in Porter and IPA but is very limited.

You do not distribute to my state. Will you ship me the beer directly?

Sorry, we wish we could but we can’t!

Are you hiring?

Feel free to email your resume to info@mayflowerbrewing.com.

Do you have to be 21 to take a tour?

Nope! People of all ages are welcome to tour our brewery. However, to taste our beer you will need a valid form of ID.

Do I need to make a reservation to take a tour?

Nope! Come on in and we will get you on a tour! See our tour hours.

Why do you only do tours on weekends?

Tours are on Saturdays and Sundays because those are the days the brewers are not working and it is safe for you and for our staff to have tour groups in the brewery.

Do you serve food during tasting hours?

Though we do not serve food, we do usually have food vendors in Thursdays through Sunday. We also have many fantastic restaurants in Plymouth that the tasting room staff would be happy to recommend to you!

Do you rent out the brewery for private functions?

Yes we do! Please email Sarah@mayflowerbrewing.com for details and to set up your event!

What is the Mayflower Cooper's Series?

The Cooper’s Series are limited edition specialty brews that we have crafted outside of our year round beers and the seasonal beers. The Cooper’s Series name is inspired from John Alden’s job on the Mayflower as a Cooper. The only brew of the series that is brewed annually is Mayflower Thanksgiving Ale.

Where did you get the names for your Cooper's Series beers?

The names are taken from the passenger list of the Mayflower from its trans-Atlantic voyage of 1620. Or from other local historical figures.

I have a question about the retail store or my online order. Who should I contact?

Please contact info@mayflowerbrewing.com or call the brewery at 508-746-2674.

What do you do with your spent grains?

We send our spent grains to local farmers who use it as compost.

How do I request a donation?

At this time we have specific charities that we work with including the Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Center of Plymouth, American Lung Association, Massachusetts Oyster Project, 26.2 Challenge Relay Marathon to name a few. We also participate in several beer festivals that donate all or a portion of the proceeds to local charities. Additional requests can be sent to info@mayflowerbrewing.com.

Do you make a gluten free beer?

Not at this time though we have added a seltzer to our draft offerings.

Will you share your recipes?

Not at this time.