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Dark Lagers Book Project with Weyermann Specialty Malts

We are excited to announce that we are brewing several collaboration beers with Weyermann Specialty Malts for a book titled Dark Lagers – The History, Mystery, Profiles, Ingredients, Processes and Recipes by Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Horst Dornbusch.

The recipes will be test proof and brewed in two continents, three countries and eighteen breweries.  Locations include Bamberg, Bavaria Germany, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Quebec, Canada.

The recipes in the book are divided into three groups covering traditional dark lagers such as Dunkel, Schwarzbier, and Bockbier; as well as dark craft lagers such as the dunkel märzen brewed October 17th here at Mayflower, plus a group of highly innovative dark beers invented by the authors. The latter beers include an Imperial Oatmeal Schwarzbier; Bière forte à l’orge et blé, foncé, fumé et fermenté en bas (a strong, smoked, dark lager made of smoked barley and wheat malt), and a Coffee Dunkel Lager.

Kraus-Weyermann and Horst will also do the reconstruction of the worlds first dark lager from the renaissance in Bavaria. Furthermore, the book will be the first one to outline the genetic origins of lager yeast which was discovered only this decade by way of gene plasm analysis which traced part of the gene pool of lager yeast to a wild yeast from Patagonia in the high Andes of South America. That yeast has the scientific name saccharimyces eubayanus.

Mayflower is happy to be a part of this revolutionary and path-breaking project. We’re looking forward to brewing Baltic Porter and Sesson Dunkel as part of this project in 2018. Stay tuned for updates and availability of these three lagers.