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It’s Nice To Be Noticed

We are thrilled to have received some terrific recognition from the press in recent days, with articles that celebrate both our beer and our adventure as a new company.

On September 18, beer columnist George Lenker wrote a piece about our India Pale Ale in the Springfield Republican.  The article provides a sensory overview of our IPA and includes some thoughts from our Matthew Steinberg about his approach to brewing beer and his specific goals for the IPA.  Check it out below.


This past Saturday, September 20, the Boston Globe published an article about us in the business section (as if there isn’t enough going on in business these days).   The article highlights our startup and growth plans as the newest craft beer microbrewery in Massachusetts.  It includes a couple pictures of our bottling process and some supportive quotes about our efforts from Todd Alstrom, founder of Beer Advocate.  Follow the link below to see it.


We appreciate the support from the press and hope it encourages you to go out and find our beer.