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Mayflower Cooper’s Series Alden

alden_blogPlymouth, MA – Mayflower Brewing Company, America’s Hometown brewery, is pleased to announce the release of a new beer called “Alden” starting next week. Alden is an unfiltered double IPA and is the second of the brewery’s new line of limited-edition, Cooper’s Series beers that are available in kegs and 4-packs.

“We were very pleased with the success of our first Cooper’s Series release – Mayflower Scotch Ale – last fall, and we are excited to follow that up with Alden ”, says Drew Brosseau, founder and President. “The beer is named after John Alden, our ancestor and the cooper on board the Mayflower. As we explore bringing new beers to market, we think it’s fitting to pay tribute to the pilgrim families that inspired our brand.” The company is brewing just 200 barrels of Alden, which will yield roughly 1,800 cases and 180 kegs. The beer will be available to customers starting next week, with a multi-week rollout planned throughout New England.

alden_1_blog“Alden pours a deep golden color and explodes with complex aromas from lots of late boil Citra additions and Mosaic dry hops. Flavors of tropical fruit, pine and citrus coat the tongue, with a dry and lingering bitter finish accompanied by some slight alcohol warmth ”, says Ryan Gwozdz, Head Brewer. “We used only a small amount of bittering hops and favored late kettle additions to provide mild bitterness and pronounced hop flavor and aroma.”

The company plans to release additional Cooper’s Series beers in coming months, with the next one slated for March 2015.