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Meet the Mayflower Team! Dan McNealy

Meet the Mayflower Team

Dan McNealy

How did you get started with Mayflower Brewing Company?
I’ve worked in the beer industry for 6 years at both on and off premise jobs. Two years ago I was hired at Mayflower.

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What is your position at Mayflower Brewing Company?
My job title is Swingman. I mainly work in house packaging, but I am also responsible for covering our drivers if they have time off.
What do you do for fun besides work?
Anything outside.
What is your favorite food and beer pairing?
Oysters and Oatmeal Stout
Which Mayflower Brew is your favorite to drink?
What beer would you like Mayflower Brewing to brew that we have not done yet?
Something down the road of a lambic.
If you could come back as a dinosaur which one would you be?
A big mean one.
What is your favorite movie?
The Big LebowskiThe-Big-Lebowski-White-Russian
What was your first car?
’87 Ford Tempo
What is your favorite Mayflower Brewing Company memory?
The annual ski trip.