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New Release: Lazy Ambition, The Second Beer in our New Ebb & Flow Series

On Friday, September 22, 2017 in Plymouth, MA, Mayflower Brewing Company will release Lazy Ambition, a saison with lemongrass, lime peel and ginger at 6% ABV.  This is the second beer in a new brewery only series called Ebb & Flow. As with all beers in this series, Lazy Ambition will be available for tastings, pints, and 4 packs of 12oz cans from the brewery while it lasts.


Mayflower kicked off Ebb & Flow this past July as a project that would allow for smaller scale brewer experimentation.  Ryan Gwozdz, head brewer, was excited to brew this particular beer as the second in the series. “A pretty classic saison base is the perfect canvas for the bright and refreshing flavors of lime peel, lemongrass, and ginger. It’s perfect for these lingering summer and early fall days.”


For this label design, Mayflower reached out to the well known downtown Plymouth tattoo parlor, Cobra Custom Tattoo.  Steve Francis, one of their artists was up for the task of illustrating the art to accompany this beer.  Steve, who can be found on instagram with the handle @CousinStevie, has always had a pencil in his hand ever since he was young. His love for drawing and the ability to do it anywhere with minimal supplies, is what encouraged him to pursue a career in art. He can remember his earliest inspiration being his father’s tattoo, which kick started his interest in traditional Americana tattoos. But his other influences include hand painted signs, 80’s skateboard graphics, music, nature and vintage cartoons.  Steve believes if you take a little from your surroundings, interests, and life experiences; you’ll at some point develop a style of your own.  He prefers more bold and simplified imagery with black outlines and bright colors.  Watercolor paint and sharpie markers are his weapons of choice.


Steve described the process of designing the Lazy Ambition label.  He began by sketching many concepts but after some thought, he wanted whoever was holding the can to see all of one image no matter the angle they held it.  He explained “I didn’t want an image to wrap around the can and get lost by not being able to see it on a cylindrical shape. I took the math behind tattoo flash and set it up so there are three images that all represent this beer.”


Mayflower is proud to provide a space for Steve to show a collection of his art in their tasting room while Lazy Ambition is available. They invite the community to taste the beer, check out Steve’s installation, and bring home some cans featuring his art! Tasting room manager, Sarah Annis, explains the excitement that this series brings to her tasting room customers.  “Recently we have been releasing many beers that are available specifically to enjoy only while at the brewery.  But people love that with this series, they now have something special to bring home that will always change and provide a new and exciting label each time.”