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Setting Sale With Cans

porter_canPlymouth, MA – Mayflower Brewing Company, America’s Hometown brewery, is pleased to announce that we are shifting the majority of our packaging from bottles to cans.  Starting in April, all of our year-round and seasonal beers will be packaged in 12 oz. cans, rather than bottles.  The only exception to this switch will be Mayflower IPA, which we will continue to package in bottles, as well as cans, as long as we find consumer demand for the bottles.  In addition, we will continue to package our Cooper’s Series limited edition beers in bottles.

“We’ve always been fans of cans as a package due to their compact size, long shelf-life, and superior portability, but when we started in 2008, cans were not a viable option for us,” says Drew Brosseau, founder and President.  “Our small size and the lack of high quality canning systems for craft brewers made bottles the right choice at that time.”

More recently, the brewery considered other options, like mobile canning and shipping beer to a third-party packaging facility, but we believe strongly in maintaining control over our beer from start to finish and were unwilling to compromise.  Fortunately, our volume has grown, and the high-end canning equipment suppliers have developed new systems that address the needs of craft brewers.

“Premium packaging systems are essential to ensuring the quality, consistency, and freshness of our beer, and we are pleased to have been able to invest in a world-class canning system from CFT,” says Brosseau. “The canning system will double our packaging speed initially, with the option of doubling it again as we grow.”

Along with the move to cans, Mayflower Brewing Company will reveal an updated look, a new year-round lineup, and 12-packs of its GABF medal-winning Summer Belgian Session Ale.  The new look maintains many of the company’s core design elements but is a bit cleaner and simpler.  The new lineup replaces Mayflower Pale Ale with EvoLupulin – a double IPA whose hop profile is designed to change from time to time.