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Taco Throwdown: Head to Head Chef Competition

On Monday, February 20th, we held the first head to head Taco Throwdown in the warehouse of the brewery. We had a blast! You may remember our first BIG America’s Hometown Throwdown Competition event in which 9 chefs competed this past fall. We are looking forward to hosting a big throwdown again this fall, but first we’re presenting a series of these small head to head competitions.

Special thank you to Stephen Coe, of Mirbeau Inn & Spa, and Chef Doug Rodrigues, of the soon to open 5 North Square opening up this Spring. We got to watch them both create incredible tacos. Then of course we got to eat them and vote on presentation, creativity, and taste! In the end, Chef Stephen Coe took home the win.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first of this series. We’ve got the second one in the works!