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The Pump will bring us home…

Here Ryan and I sit… dreaming about Mayflower beers in 12 oz bottles.  We are so close.  In fact, the last step is nearly complete.  Glynn Electric’s, Master of Electrical Man of Mayhem is connecting relays and working his 3-phase magic.  If all things go the way we hope, we will be bottling tomorrow, Friday, May 9th.

The first run of the bottling machine will bring us Mayflower Pale Ale. Followed very soon by Golden Ale. Our much saught after Porter will be ready to go in a couple weeks. As far as IPA… we will keep you posted.

Look for our six-packs at your local package stores in the coming weeks. Check out our beer finder page at http://mayflowerbrewing.com/beers.htm for a list of retailers.  We will be updating the list every week, so stay connected.  Also… ask for Mayflower Brewing Co.’s beers at your favorite bar, restaurant, and package store, and we will be sure to bring them beer.