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We are glad we have extra space!

One thing about starting a new business is … you don’t necessarily know how much product your customers will want.  Well, lucky for us our customers are proving to want alot of our fine fresh beers.  We figured.. let’s start with 4 single batch fermenters and we should be good for at least a year.  NOT!  Today I called Rob Stoltys of Premiere Stainless in San Marcos, California to order more tanks.  We expect to have our two 40BBL (Double Batch) fermenters in place by the fall and also we will have a double batch Bright Beer Tank to go with them.  This will allow us to brew plenty more beers for all our loyal comsumers.

What an exciting time this is.  Barely 6 months into our 1st year of operations and we already are adding equipment.  No fear though, we have plenty more space to grow… stay tuned and thanks so much for your support.

But first… I must take a weeks vacation.  Starting……… Now!