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We keep growing and growing and growing…

We just brewed our 500th Barrel!!!   We are very excited with the reception our beers are receiving in both bottles and draft.  Everyday we get calls from restaurants, bars and package store asking for our beers.  This ROCKS!!!  Our Sales Director, Jeff is very busy hitting the road hard with samples in hand.  He also can be found a tastings pretty much every weekend.  “Hey Jeff!!! – Your family called, they wondered if they can schedule a meeting with you sometime…”  On a side note .. we are very exciting to have been asked to ship our beer to Great Britain.  We are sending a firkin of Porter dry hopped with East Kent Goldings to the Great British Beer Festival.  That is so cool.  My first beer to be shipped across the pond.  We also are working on some firkins of porter aged with Hungarian wood to be served on gravity at a few local beer bars.  Keep an eye out for those for sure. Gotta go… we are brewing porter today and i have to go shut the whirlpool down and let the wort rest.  Then we’ll send it through the heat exchanger. Cheers,Matthew